Guest Comments

Some Unique Qualities, and Guest Comments:

Staying at a chapel converted into apartments is definitely a unique experience. The question is, is the experience a positive one?

We have now had more than 800 guests stay at Chapel Apartments Wales, and I have spoken with many. The overwhelming, and unanimous opinion of these many guests are that the chapel is a massive hit. Some of the points made are:

  • Some of us are vegetarians so we had our own kitchen.
  • The apartments are massive, all 18 of us could sit together in any of the apartments.
  • Locking our own apartment was reassuring.
  • The young children were watching dvd´s in one lounge, the older children used another, and the adults used the ground floor, and had some quality time.
  • The kids spent a lot of time in the village park only a short walk away.
  • The well kept toilets in the park was a welcome surprise (in the village hall).
  • Having our own washing machine was a big advantage.
  • All 18 of us could eat together with ease.
  • In the evening retiring to our own apartment earlier or later was a big advantage.
  • It was lovely having a DAB radio in all three apartments, it made a welcome change from the tv.
  • Having an apartment for the babies to sleep in peace was great.
  • Having our own bathroom was ideal.
  • Although our group mainly ate together, it was lovely to sit in our own apartment for breakfast or snacks.
  • Some family´s are more close nit than others, and not everybody wants to be together in one space all the time.
  • We couldn´t be bothered to cook so we all had dinner next door. It was so cheap it was like staying at a hotel.
  • The best holiday we have ever had, we are definitely coming back.

These are just some positive comments made to me by guests who have stayed at Chapel Apartments Wales. Add your comments to the list!