Chapel Details
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General Information:

General Information: The chapel is very successful as a large house with the benefits of full living accommodation on all the three floors as well as ample communal space on all three floors for all 18 guests to congregate.

Each floor has its own unique benefits. The second floor at the top of the chapel has exposed beams in all the rooms with its convertible full size league Pool Table which doubles up as a large dining table when the cover or top is in position.

The middle or first floor has the extra large dining table which can be configured to sit eighteen.
The ground floor has access to the garden, and barbeque, so don´t think you would be separated from your friends and family as they will be wanting to use the facilities in your apartment. This is why the chapel works so well for large groups. The lounge/open plan area on each floor is approximately 55 square metres which enables all 18 guests to congregate, and be seated with ease on any of the three floors.

All three floors are accessed from the one carpeted flight of stairs just like you would if you were in a large house.


There are 12 full size single beds, and 3 double King size beds at the chapel. 6 guests can sleep on each of the three floors.
On each floor/apartment there is the master bedroom with a double king size bed, the second bedroom with two full size single beds, and the lounge/open plan area which has a further two full size single beds (see pictures above for day beds).

The chapel sleeps a maximum of "18" guests. Babies in cots are not counted. There are NO cots or highchairs at the chapel.


All three fitted kitchens at the chapel are fully stocked with large pots & pans & serving ware, including all other crockery & cutlery. All kitchens have there own washing machine, freezer, fridge, low level oven, ceramic hob, microwave, four slice toaster, and electric kettle. There are also padded bags to help carry kitchen items on the stairs in safety, as often groups choose to eat together on one floor. I would ask you to try and return items to the kitchen´s they originated from before you vacate.

Note: There are no electric food processing machines at the chapel for safety reasons.

Fast Food: There are all the usual takeaway food out lets in Kidwelly five minutes away. Some will deliver to the chapel. There menu´s are at the chapel for your convenience.

Pub: The Kings Arms pub in the village has a good reputation for good traditional food. If it is your intention for your group to eat at the Kings Arms it would be wise to phone first and make a reservation. (Kelvin Tel 01267 267487)


There is one shower/bath room on each floor (three in total). There is a toilet in each shower/bathroom. All showers are large walk in. Note: The baths are for children who are too young to use the shower´s. They are to small for adult use. Note: All showers have full hand rails.

Visitor Information:

There are a wealth of attractions in the Carmarthen Bay area, so the chapel has a comprehensive visitor information area on the second floor along with our well stocked DVD library. Also a small selection of children´s books.

The Garden:

The garden at the chapel is enclosed and safe for children. it´s a great place to sit and eat alfresco. We have a large gas barbeque, and there is a charge for the gas and cleaning if required.

Ball Games: The village park is a large expanse of grass with goal posts and swings which is only a three minuet walk from the chapel where all ball games can be played. Also a great place for a picnic.

The village hall and toilets are also at the park. (very little used).

Emergency Telephones:

There is one emergency telephone on each floor pre programmed to direct you with emergency services, and can also connect you directly with the takeaway´s in Kidwelly who can deliver food directly to the chapel, and do so regularly.


NO pets are allowed at the chapel during the day or night. NO items that burn or smoulder are allowed at the chapel. NO electrical appliances are allowed other than personal care/grooming items. Heaters of any kind are a very serious fire hazard, and any attempt to bring them to the chapel would be a breach of contract. If you require electrical cooking/food preparation equipment then you should enquire for permission first.
NO smoking in the building.

Access Statement:

The chapel is NOT wheelchair accessible although there is a ramp to the front door.
There are hand rails in all the showers, and the chapel is suitable for limited mobility guests. You should always make contact to discuss mobility issues.
There are NO secure beds.
There are no steps to gain access to the ground floor apartment.
There are stairs only to gain access to the first and second floors.
The car park is approximately 35 meters from the entrance door.
The car park is gravel.

If any guests are taller than 6" 6 inches or 195cm you should make further enquires as there are some low ceilings.
If you have any question please phone or email, and speak with Gary I´m here to help if I can.


Our Visit Wales 4 Star grading certificate only considers guests that sleep in bedrooms. So our certificate is based on six bedrooms sleeping a maximum of 12 guests and doesn´t consider the further six guests who can sleep in the day beds.