Terms & Conditions

All paying guests at Chapel Apartments do stay at the managementís discretion. Maximum stay permissible 28 days.

It is the responsibility of the main booking person or any intended visitor to Chapel Apartments to inquire as to the suitability of the accommodation before you book. If you know that there is a specific issue that affects you or a member of your party then it is your responsibility to ask the appropriate questions.

The booking person is the person who organizes, communicates and pays on behalf of the other persons included in there group or family.

The booking person accepts full responsibility for there group or family. We may ask for there to be more than one responsible person.

Last Minute Bookings
The term last minute bookings refers to all bookingís that are made with forty days or less left before the first day of the booking or arrival date.

Special arrangementsí will be made in the exception of last minute bookings where full payment can be made up until the day of arrival.

Payments and Deposits

All booking fees must be paid for in advance more than forty days before commencement date (arrival date).

All funds should be cleared by our bank forty days prior to start day of booking.

Failure to pay in full at this point may result in the cancellation of your booking. Any deposit will be returned to the original booking person less £45.00 administration fee per apartment, provided the booking person makes contact and requests a refund within the due time frame. We will of coarse make every attempt to contact you or your group first to ascertain the problem.
Returned money will be paid by cheque. We will not return any money until we have made contact and spoken with the booking person.

The usual paid in advance holding deposit will be 50% of the total amount.

We may in some circumstances ask for a returnable deposit if we feel that there is some risk associated with your group. Any damage or loss would be deducted with the remainder returned with in ten days of the last day of your booking.

Last Minute Bookings

The same rules apply as if you had paid before the forty day shut off point. The agreed payment must be in full. The funds must clear at our bank before you arrive at Chapel Apartments. There will be no refunds if you cancel except with the exceptions contained in these terms and conditions.

The company Chapel Apartments and its owner reserve the right to cancel any booking without giving reason. We will reimburse 100% of the money already paid to us.
If we are given misleading or incorrect information during the booking stage with regard to who will be guests at Chapel Apartments and other security questions we reserve the right to cancel the booking. If you have arrived we still reserve the right to cancel your booking and not give compensation or out of pocket expenses. This will be treated as if you the booking person had cancelled the booking your self with out any advance warning and the usual charges will apply as are contained in these terms and conditions.


Cancellation at any point before the forty day shut off point will incur a forty five pound administration charge. Any money we are holding for you will be returned less the £45 administration fee. All money remaining will be returned to the main person who booked originally. Returned payments will be by cheque and posted within ten days. This charge applies to each apartment booked.

Cancellation after Forty Days (Less than forty full days to the day before the start day of booking).

We will try and re-let the apartment. It may not be for the full time that you had booked the apartment for. It may also be for less money. We will pay you any money we raise from re-letting the apartment less £45 administration.
If we are unable to re-let the apartment for the time period you booked the maximum returnable money to you will be the cleaning costs plus energy savings.
This would be £100 for one or two weeks and £50 for a weekend. Any money would only be returned to you within ten days of the date that your booking would have ended. (We will not seek to profit from your loss).

If you do not turn up for your booking and you have not informed us in advance of your intention not to turn up, then there will be no refund.

If you do not turn up for your booking on the agreed day we will treat your booking as canceled, unless you have contacted us with an explanation.

All cancellation requests must be received by email as well as phoned. The date of cancellation will be taken from the date of email. (The telephones are not always manned so you must send email). Leave a reliable telephone number. We must speak to you to confirm that the cancellation is genuine.

In the unlikely event that due to circumstances beyond Chapel Apartmentís control that we are forced to cancel bookings we will endeavor to re-book your stay at a different time, or we will refund all money as soon as possible. We will pay reasonable out of pocket expenses only if we cancel on the day of arrival. We will not pay compensation. If you have purchased train tickets or bus tickets we will reimburse you provided they are purchased in the UK to travel in the UK main land. We will not reimburse car hire charges. We will not reimburse air fares. We will not reimburse ship/ferry charges.
If there is an incident during your stay which prevents you from safely staying in your apartment we will try and move you to another apartment or your stay may be cut short. We will reimburse you for the remaining days of your stay that you have lost and the day of the incident. We will not pay compensation. We will pay out of pocket expenses. This only applies provided the incident was not your fault. (You should take out holiday insurance to cover your self and group against unexpected loss).

Car Park

Chapel Apartments has its own private car park. There is room for two cars for each apartment. If you have a vehicle which is larger than a domestic car then you should make email or telephone contact and make a special arrangement. Trailers make special arrangement. More than two cars make special arrangement.

Chapel apartments and its owner Gary Symonds accepts no responsibility what so ever for any loss or damage to vehicles or there contents whilst parked or maneuvering in the car park.


No smoking permitted in the building, No Joss sticks, No oil burners, No candles permitted.
No items that burn or smolder are permitted.
Not only are these items a serious fire hazards but they will activate the internal fire alarm system resulting in evacuation of the building.
Partyís are not permitted which include loud music and dancing. (Not to be confused with dinner parties)
Only the prearranged individuals as originally booked are allowed to stay the night at Chapel Apartments.
It is not permitted for the booking person or there official group to invite third parties to stay the night. The booking person would be liable for any theft, loss, damage or work required by staff caused by third parties.

There is no lift. There are stairs only at chapel apartments

No animals or pets of any type or kind are permitted in the building.
(NO DOGS) There are several animal holiday kennels and catteries in the area. See links.


Parentís and Carerís make there own informed decision on weather Chapel Apartments is a suitable venue for them. If you have any concerns that you feel have not been answered here please call and ask or email.
There are no special baby items at Chapel Apartments. For example no cots, no high chairs or other items. (sorry)
Children are not to play in the stair well. There are stained glass windows on the stairs which are more than two hundred years old.

All three chapel apartments are open plan, which means children can easily enter the kitchen area. You will need to make your own parental decision weather you feel this is appropriate in your case.

There are electric storage heaters in the lounge/dinning area and radiators in the bedrooms. They are not low temperature heaters. The surface temperature will burn babies if they are left against them. (The risk is probably similar as if you were at home). We do intend to get guards for the heaters in the lounge/dinning area but have not done so yet, so please call to ask.

In apartment three the beams are mainly at high level but come down low in the eves. This means that children can make contact with the beams around the outer edge of the apartment. (ouch) (See pictures for Sanctuary Suite).

We have fitted thermostatic water mixers to prevent tap water temperature exceeding approximately 50 degrees Celsius at all taps. We have also fitted safety bars over windows to prevent children and adults from falling out of windows.
The apartments are child safe with the exceptions as listed above.

There is one toilet inside the bathroom.
The bath is intended for children who are too young to use the shower. The bath is 120cm or 46 inches (A small/short bath)

We would hope on the grounds of common courtesy that after 10pm you will be expected to turn down music and TV to a level which allows other residence to sleep unimpeded. Boisterous children also asked to calm down.

The ceiling height in Apartment one is 2.1 Meters
The ceiling height in Apartment two is 2.05 Meters
This may be a problem if any of your group are taller that 6.5 tall (six feet five inches)
Apartment three at the top of the building has oak beams in all rooms. It is possible to make contact with these beams.
Chapel Apartments and its owner Gary Symonds accepts NO responsibility for injuries of any magnitude arising from the making contact with the wooden beams in Apartment 3.

Access to Building
Accessibility - If any of your group are taller than six foot five inches, St David and St Christopher may not be suitable. (It is the shower which may be problematic).

There is a ramp to the main outer doors but (the curb out side has NOT been lowered). All entry doors are on automatic closers..